VAT for Service Providers

VAT for providers of cross border services, focusing on whether or not VAT should be charged, and evidence required.

Course Content;

Overview of the EU VAT framework

The EU (UK) system of VAT
Output VAT

    Composite supplies
Input VAT recovery

Recharges and disbursements
Grey areas and VAT 'risks'

Services Supplied to a Customer Overseas
The nature of the service- does one of the general rules apply?

The general rules
Business to Business (B2B)

    Supplier due diligence

        Organisations that may not have business activity

    Where is your customer established?

    What if the customer is a multi-national?

    Further provisions for 'use and enjoyment' services 

Supplies by, via or to an agent, intermediary or reseller

Reporting obligations- the EC Sales List

Business to (non-business) Consumer (B2C)

    Where is your non-business customer resident?


The Brexit effect  

Services where the general rules may not apply

Services directly relating to land

Passenger transport

The hire of movable goods

Restaurant and catering services

Entry to an event, fair or exhibition

Services involving a 'performance'

Freight services

The Acquisition of Services from Overseas

Recap of the place of supply of services rules

Accounting for VAT on supplies deemed to take place in the UK

The reverse charge mechanism

    Currency conversion

    Restrictions on input VAT recovery

    The reverse charge and Making Tax Digital

VAT (and other indirect taxes) paid in other countries

    The 8th Directive reclaim

    Services relating to land vs services that rely on land

Recap and Q&A