VAT Foundation


Anybody working in an accounting environment, from preparing accounts to raising sales invoices to processing purchases, is expected to understand the basic principles of VAT. The VAT inspector has far reaching powers with which to address errors, and appeal tribunals consistently confirm that 'ignorance is no defence'.

This course will teach you how to determine the correct VAT rate for a supply, when input VAT can be recovered, how to deal with errors and what to do if you are not sure. No prior knowledge of VAT is necessary.

Course Outline

  • Overview of the VAT system, and how it is administered
  • The rates of VAT, and how the VAT rate is determined by reference to the nature of the supply
  • When VAT incurred on expenditure can (and cannot) be recovered, and evidence required to support the reclaim
  • How to correct errors and minimise penalties
  • Maintaining a positive relationship with HMRC
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