VAT and Duties in Import and Export


Importing has become a lot more complex since Brexit. Now customs declarations, import VAT and customs duty(?) all need to be addressed.  Exporting also carries risk- if documentation isn't meticulous zero rating can be denied. HMRC has wide ranging powers to collect back taxes if everything isn't in order.  Ignorance of the rules offers no protection against what can be a completely unexpected and often catastrophic demand for 'unpaid' tax.

This 3 hour course will give you an awareness, in overview, of all the key aspects of import VAT and customs duty, and also what is required when exporting goods.

Course Outline

  • Overview of customs procedures
  • How to account for (and reclaim) import VAT
  • Imports: customs duty, and the UK/EU Free Trade Agreement
  • When, and how, customs duty can be minimised or relieved
  • Exports:  Documentation required to support zero rating
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