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Bespoke Online VAT Training


The content is the same, but with the following advantages;

  • It is modular, meaning that you don't have to take modules that you don't really need.  For example if you are only interested in International Services then you can just take that one ninety minute module.

  • The course does not need to be crammed into one day.  Modules are scheduled for a time that is convenient to your organisation, resulting in minimal disruption. It also effectively addresses the 'brain fade' that can occur during an intensive full day course.

  • It costs less!  You only need to take the modules you require, and also because there is no trainer travel costs this saving can be passed on.

Everything is completely confidential, held through a secure encrypted portal.  The only delegates present are the ones you authorise. 

Questions may be asked via on-screen messaging or voice if delegates are connected to a microphone.

The only other difference (apart from the fact that you see me on your screen instead of in person) is that the course notes are sent to you in PDF rather than printed form.

Online Modules

Standard Modules

  • The basics (for people who are new to VAT)

  • The requirement to register for VAT

  • What goes where on the VAT return 

Advanced Modules

  • The VAT liability of UK income (can be sector specific if required, at no extra cost)

  • The VAT liability of goods leaving the UK

  • The VAT liability of international services

  • Input VAT recovery- employee derived costs (in particular motoring and entertaining/hospitality costs)

  • Input VAT recovery- partial exemption

  • VAT and purchases from overseas

  • How to correct errors on previously filed VAT returns

  • Making Tax Digital (MTD)

  Any 1 module                                                 £195+VAT

  Any 2 modules taken within 30 days         £360+VAT

  Any 3 modules taken within 30 days         £495+VAT

  Any 4 modules taken within 30 days         £595+VAT

To enquire about holding a bespoke online VAT course please email your requirement to or telephone 020 7183 2124.

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