Specialist VAT training- online

  • Courses are now offered in bitesize modules of 1 hour at the discounted price of £50+VAT per module

  • Please contact us for offers and discounts if more than one module required

  • All modules include 1/4 hour VAT Partner subscription (worth £30+VAT)

  • All modules are presented live, and questions may be asked via confidential on-screen messaging (other delegates cannot see your question or the answer).

Essentially the same as a 'face to face' course- the only other difference is that the course notes and attendance certificate are sent to you in PDF rather than printed format.

Online Courses

Standard Modules

  • Introduction to VAT (for people who are new to VAT)

  • The liability to VAT in the UK

  • Input VAT recovery

  • How to correct errors on previously filed VAT returns

  • What goes where on the VAT return (including MTD compliance)

Advanced Modules

  • The VAT liability of goods leaving the UK (pre-, and post-Brexit)

  • The VAT liability of international services (including e-services and telecoms)

  • Input VAT recovery- employee derived costs (including motoring and entertaining)

  • Input VAT recovery- partial exemption

  • VAT and customs duties on imported goods (pre-, and post- Brexit)

Bespoke Courses

  • Have your online course tailored to your specific requirements (additional costs will apply)

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