Learn all about Irish VAT- at your premises

The course is based around the real issues faced by staff in busy accounts departments, such as;

  • What VAT rate is our supply?  

  • What if our supply is made up of elements with different VAT rates?

  • If we don't charge VAT what evidence do we need for the VAT inspector?

  • We are recharging a cost to our client, do we charge VAT?

  • What evidence do we need to withhold VAT if our customer is overseas? 

  • What evidence do we need to recover input tax?

  • Are any purchases disallowed from input tax recovery?

  • How do we deal with employee derived costs?  Motoring?  Entertaining?  Subsistence?

  • We have acquired new company vehicles- can we recover the VAT? 

  • How do we account for VAT when our supplier is overseas?

  • What should we do if we find we made an error on a VAT return that has already been filed?

  • How do we prepare for a VAT inspection?

  • RCT (Relevant Contracts Tax) can also be included if required

  • And any and every other question you may want to ask!