Your courses are a lot cheaper than other providers.  Surely they can't be any good?

I have been helping businesses, from SMEs to FTSE100 PLCs, with VAT training and advice for 12 years. You don't get so many miles under your belt without doing something right! My courses and advice are cost effective because I deliberately keep a low overhead base, which is why I can be so transparent with my costs (can other providers?)

Can we ask questions/bring VAT issues along on the day of training?

Yes this is most welcome! Any VAT issues can be looked at on the day.

I need CPD hours to maintain my professional qualification.  Do your courses meet the necessary criteria?

Yes. And all attendees can request a CPD certificate

We are in Ireland/ Northern Ireland/Isle of Man/etc.  what is the cost?

The cost is as listed on the web page, plus the cost of the flight or ferry UPDATE: as courses are currently held on Zoom there is no additional cost

We are a charity, and want to collaborate with other charities for a training course. What is the cost?

The cost is as per the example given. Splitting the bill does not increase the cost.

We have new members of staff with little exposure to VAT. Is your course appropriate to them?

Yes, in this case the first hour would be at a more elementary level. More experienced members of staff may join the course after this if required.

Is there a maximum number of attendees?

Technically no- I do courses for UK accounting bodies and other professional institutes where there can often be 40 people in attendance. However for everybody in attendance to get the best out of the day I feel that in general 8 or less works best. ​​​